It will work IF you forget all the reasons it won’t -Paulo Coelho ✔️💯

You ever wanted something so bad you would work all night and all day?

This movie is my baby. I realized its someone up working harder than me right now. They want to win that same award me want to win. They stayed up one more day than me on final cut pro. They got five less minutes of sleep. It’s people who laughing at you for dreaming with your eyes open. Its people who don’t want to see you prosper. You one of millions of filmmakers. You a woman in America. You black. The rate for a woman in film is low.

We all go through life. We breathe in and out but sometimes we never release. I wrote a true story because it its time to release. I have been through a lot and on my journey have. We go through ups and downs and carry the burden of yesterday, or even last year unbeknownst to us. This story is a true story about a very intelligent woman who is a diamond in the rough. A woman unbeknownst to her own potential and power. We all have a inner GOD. If we only use ten percent of our brains what would one hundred be? But again we are only an image is what I was told. So we settle for less. Not Just Another Girl is a story about a girl who against all odds won at almost everything that she ever put her mind to. Her ultimate challenge is her ultimate goal for success. The underdog.

Its July 26 I have been working since 9 am it’s almost midnight, shooting and editing with my cameraman. He went to work and came back to my studio. Its crunch time. I’m tired of playing. I’m tired of just looking kool. I want greatness. All I can do is work hard. I did not come to play. Focus on yourself.


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