Marleana Universal Studios Orlando ;-.P

I had the pleasure of being at Universal Studios Orlando Resort this weekend. It was amazing spending time with my father. We saw Mission Impossible, only because it was too late for Denzel Washington (sad face). All was well. We had a great time my daddy kept dosing off in the movies but I was ready to go and turn up anyway lol.

Did some shopping I found some open toe Timberland shoes and more.

Sometimes, I feel we all need a refreshing refresher. I am a woman who is creating in my mind all day every day. I have to take time for myself. It’s ok to just not answer my phone, careless about the negative things in my life at the moment, that gives me leverage to transform negative situations in my life for a day or two. Time for me. No one else just me, at the end of the day when no one is there to help me through my situations, it’s me.

I have to take time to get my head together. Calculate my next move. I have nothing to give or offer anyone or myself if I dont hustle and make things happen. GOD is real and so is energy. I have to create a homeostasis for my life, body, and soul.

If my peace is at risk. If my peace is tainted then I cant take care of myself or anyone else. I have a film to finish, Bills to pay, a life to live in general. No time for anything but peace. I’m not going backwards.

;-.Peace Be Still.


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