Week 1 Project: My Full Sail Story

Before I started Full Sail, I lived in Chicago, IL where I did minor acting. Let’s rewind back a little further.

I always thought that I wanted to be a nurse early in my life. I went to school for Medical Assistant in Flint, MI in 2010. I saw almost all the women in my family do many different fields and levels of nursing, I just always wanted to be in the medical field. 

But then, 2011 my first time on set I auditioned for a music video in Orlando, FL 2011. I received the part that I auditioned for and the rest is history. I remember the rush I felt from the time I auditioned all the way until the end, and it was over. The whole experience was a trill to me, it was not a major role, but the impact that experience had on my life was worth so much. I couldn’t help but watch everything about the video shoot process. It was like I was studying at the same time doing my job. I left wanting to know more I had to know what it feels like to be the person saying “ACTION” and making all the rules, making them, and breaking them. That what some may call small time, was the beginning of the rest of my life as I know it, right now.

Because of that video shoot which just so happened to be directed by a former student by the name of James Hunter. 

Because of that experience I do not want anything more in life than to be a filmmaker making the money that I deserve. I moved to Miami and attended Miami Media School for television and radio broadcasting. It was the closest thing to film school that fit my budget and schedule at the time. I love everything about film, I have been on a show on ABC called “Mind Games” even though it was canceled after episode five, I was still there. 

Because of that I have written and produced my own sort film, show, and counting. I still was not satisfied with my desire to earn to be a filmmaker. I know how to write what I think my story should look like, but not the proper format. I do not know the proper way to structure a story or how to properly present my work.

Until, I finally found Full Sail had online, I would’ve saved some money probably. I will not complain about my previous experience in other schools.

And ever since then I have been pursuing my passion for media everything happens for a reason. I learned a lot and created valuable experience and relationships. I will not complain, I will just say that I am very happy to be here.

Before I started Full Sail, I was a little girl who saw the world from one point of view. What I saw in my everyday life.

I always thought that I wanted to a nurse because everyday life my family and around me was some level of nurse. Well, they say you are what you eat. I desired to become a nurse early in life.

But then, this little girl became a young woman and with that came exploration. I learned that there is a whole world outside of what I was used to seeing every day. I learned that I could be whatever I wanted to be. There does not have to be a one size fits all, follow the leader life. 

Because of that, in 2011 I caught the acting bug in Orlando, FL I was casted in my first entertainment production by a then upcoming Full Sail University student James Hunter. I almost gave up and said stick to nursing.

 Because of that, my creative juices began to flow, and they just would not stop. The more I did in entertainment the hungrier I became. Pretty soon I was casted on ABC Mind Game. Until, that became a mind game. It was dropped after the fifth episode. What is a girl to do? Back to the drawing board.

Because of that, I packed my bags and decided to go to Miami, where I decided to attend Miami Media School. I made lots of relationships and learned about broadcasting. I was just testing the waters when I made my first short film in 2017. I won a few awards, but I have no idea the technical aspects of film. Script writing format, language, camera angles, and more.

Until, I found Full Sail University I decided that I didn’t just want to be on camera I was going to create my own productions. I want to know everything and the proper way to do what I love. I want to be a good filmmaker.

Week 2 Exploration: Storyboard

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