I Have Been Keeping A Secret About My Healthy Skin. Stay Tuned For The Reveal Of My Products!

After living and working in the harsh Northeast, commuting daily in relentless winters with cracked and dry extremities, and then living and working in the hot, humid tropics of Florida with the sun, surf, and wind, I knew what my skin needed.
I fell in love with an exfoliant that was no longer on the market. I tried many other brands and was always left unhappy.
My products are formulated with the earth’s purist’s nutrient – rich ingredients. These exceptional ingredients enable the skin to detoxify, energize, and retain moisture resulting in a more radiant, supple and resilient skin.
I would like to share with your my experience and offer my products for all those who are looking to revive the skin and arouse the soul with lovely and refreshing aromas.

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