Urban Film Festival is a three-day event dedicated to educating, exposing and providing distribution opportunities for the new generation of filmmakers. At UFF we celebrate culturally driven content, and are proud to be a platform for up and coming urban filmmakers to share the stories of their communities.

We are one of the largest international gatherings of urban film industry experts, content creators, and enthusiasts. Our workshops are designed to provide the new age filmmaker with tools and insight from industry professionals to enhance their productions. We provide our filmmakers with the opportunity to showcase their masterpieces and provide them with the education and resources they need to monetize from their content.

Urban Film Festival is truly dedicated to the creative and professional growth of the new generation of filmmakers.

Hey world !!

Marleana here, I am happy to announce that my first film has been chosen for Urban Film Festival 2018. My film will premiere in front of the world at Lyric Theater in historical over town in Miami Florida August. I wrote my script for this film 2 years ago. It is a true story a story of Perversity. Dishonor. Falsehood and games. A show off. An overly confident drama queen. Pretension. She goes through a number of obstacles as a result of her inability to listen more than she speaks. I literally wrote the script but when it was time to shoot I had a hard time staying focused due to distractions from working and just honestly slacking. I stopped thinking and trying to act out something I wrote instead of my truth. When I just told the truth it felt right. It came together perfectly no bad apples just creative flow. I took about 4 weeks off of this project which put my deadline for the Urban Film Festival in the red zone. I decided to keep going through it. Not only that I have to stick to the fact that this project doesn’t just need to be done, it needs to be done well. And fast. My Cameraman/Director Rondale Forbes had to come to me asking what am I thinking trying to pull this off on time properly. We wanted to kill each other between working 12 hour shifts on this project while he maintained a day job and me having to be creative as I could at a fast pace in a short time. The process was a thrill ride within itself. I decided to bring him on this project because as long as I have been knowing him, he has been working hard to perfect his craft. I wanna see him and anyone else win. I wanna spark the brain of others and the bring out the fight in me for success. Once you taste it you can’t live without it. I figured win or lose the accomplishment alone would be enough to keep us going harder. We put in hours on filming and editing this film. I pray that the world receives it well and learns from it and laugh sometimes too. The moral of this blog is… No matter what people say or do, nothing matters but WHAT YOU DO. Do it. “Not Just Another Girl” written by Marleana Wells and Directed by Rondale Forbes, Official selection of the Urban Film Festival 2018. If you are in the Miami are check us out at Lyric Theater in historical Overtown. The festival has arranged a Q/A after the movie premiere featuring myself my cast and crew. No matter what my destiny is, when I’m not here on this earth anymore people I want the universe to know, I do whatever I put my mind to do. The only thing I could ever let stop me is MYSELF. We did it. SO CAN YOU.

Dear Filmmaker,

We are so excited to let you know that your film has been selected for the 2018 Urban Film Festival! This year we received more urban content than any of our previous years and we enjoyed every bit of the selection process. Your content is a great example of the type of story we want to provide more exposure for. So thank you once again for submitting. We look forward to experiencing your growth as filmmakers and creators of your community.

Urban Film Festival

Tickets Available On http://www.eventbrite.com



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